Friday, June 26, 2009

Sing for your beef

Much to the dismay of my friend Vinny (well at least after I tanked his chances of a GC at a contest) , I coat my competition brisket with steak sauce before turning it in. I came across this contest for A-1 steak sauce where you have to come up with a video love song for beef utilizing A-1. Grand prize is a years worth of steaks.

Enter here


Anonymous said...

I come to this blog for good times and all you do is bring back bad memories..

good luck with your video..hope it turns out better than your brisket.

Molly said...

Love the contest! It's always so much fun to see how much people love their BBQ, no matter what the style and what the meal! One of my favorite recipes is the Beer Can Chicken Molly Koch (Weber)

BTW… check out our new video series “Weber Grill Master”. Grilling experts Jamie Purviance and Steven Raichlen compare notes on grilling techniques, what inspired these classically trained chefs to pursue the art of cooking with live fire, and find out what led to their biggest grilling mistakes.