Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big Apple RUB Party

After a less than stellar experience sampling food at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party I made the long 2 block walk over to RUB . Prior to this visit I had only been to Rub on two previous occasions. The first was a group visit with a bunch of the BBQ Brethren posse. That visit consisted of a family style dinner with just about everything on the menu. My second visit was a quick lunch where I had a pastrami reueben sandwich.

You would think the place would be empty with such a huge event going on just two blocks away? Hell No! It was packed!! We waited a good 20 minutes (in the rain, NY is the new Seattle lately) for a table. I was really looking forward to some burnt end more than anything. No such luck as they were sold out. The ribs were also sold out, a new batch was due out shortly though. We decided on a pastrami platter, fried onion strings and beans as sides. The pastrami was good, a bit dry though. The onion strings are really addictive. The beans were OK, to much of a tomato taste to them. While waiting for the ribs we ordered some smoke-fried chicken wings. These were awesome! The sauce was perfect and the meat juicy. They weren't very crispy and could of used a little more time in the fryer but were outstanding regardless. RUB's owner Andrew brought us out a sample of brisket. Two words.... Brisket Nirvana! I would have to say these slices of brisket were as good, maybe even better than what I have eaten at brisket mecca hill country. Perfectly cooked with a bit of fat still attached to the bottom with a nice caramelized rub that put it all together. The ribs finally came out, at that point we were stuffed. Sampled one rib and took the rest to go. It was nice seeing old friend and new addition to the RUB crew Matt Fisher as well.Overall it was the high lite of the day and blocked out all of my disappointment of the block party. Guess next time I will call in advance and ask them to put aside some burnt ends

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