Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lotta Bull Shit!

Mike Davis of Lotta Bull BBQ recently won Grand Champion at the Stagecoach Music Festival BBQ Championships in CA and also GC'd in Taylorville Illinois at the BBQ, Blues and Cruise. I heard from some very reliable sources that he was not at the awards ceremony to accept the GC award at either contest. I do understand that people have other commitments and emergency's can also happen but come on, seriously?. I do not personally know Mike and have never met him but from what I can tell he is a very well respected cook out there on the circuit. That being said he should also be setting an example to other cooks and by blowing off the awards I call Lotta Bull Shit! As an organizer,sponsor or cook I would be really insulted by his actions. If you know beforehand that you cannot be at a contest until after after awards because of a prior commitment then don't bother going to the event at all. Congrats on the wins Mike, you are my hero


Chris said...

I wonder what the back story might be on that. It would be disappointing if he just blew them both off. I met him and his wife last October at the TN State BBQ Championship in Lenior City. It was before turn in time but they were so friendly and accommodating. I got to spend a little time with them and they even posed for pictures with me. They seem really like good folks, but that's just my one time experience with them.

Thom said...

I am the organizer of the Stagecoach Music Festival BBQ Championships. Mike had to be on the East Coast to meet a midweek deadline. If he had not left when he did he would not have been able to leave until 930 pm Sunday due to traffic control. Lotta Bull
had little choice but to leave when he did. Thom

Sledneck said...

The Stagecoach is 2 kcbs state championships the same weekend right? One is Saturday one is Sunday. Knowing he had to get out of town he still could competed in the first one, skipped Sunday and then hit the road. Still inexcusable