Monday, January 18, 2010

We made it on the suicide food blog!

Monday, January 18, 2010
This logo is hereby awarded twin distinctions: The Worst Barbecue-related Punning (since May, 2009 nothing has come close) and Biggest Over-all Stretch. "May The Sauce Be With Que"?

And look what's become of the clear-cut Star Wars mythos: instead of the Force—a powerful, nurturing energy that animates all living things—we have the Sauce. Instead of a life-giving and sustaining element of nature, we have a condiment for space pigs who would rather die than live.

We assume that the two characters—let's call them, oh… Luke Swinewalker and Boarth Vader (or, no, let's not)—are fighting for possession of R2-BQ. So that he might cook them. Whereupon they will be eaten by jawas. Or whatever.

Monday, January 11, 2010

BBQ Yearbook Wants You!

BBQ Yearbook Wants You!

Dear BBQ Judges and Teams,

If you have not submitted your team photo or judge photo to Smokin'
Herb's BBQ Yearbook, you still have time to do so. Please go to and use the simple online submission
forms. You will need to have your submissions to me no later than
February 1st. It does not cost anything to submit content. The book,
however, will be for sale later in the year.

Smokin' Herb's BBQ Yearbook will be a full-color publication covering
BBQ contests I've judged throughout 2009. The book will also feature
interviews with BBQ judges, cooks, and organizers, restaurant owners,
etc. Check out the website for more details.

If you are a contests organizer and want to submit your own story, you
must email me me ASAP. There still may be time to work this in.
Otherwise, I will have you on my list for next year's book.

Hope to hear from you all soon. You will receive one more update when
the book is released.


Smokin' Herb

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Long Island BBQ scene

A few years ago I would get excited when hearing about a new BBQ joint opening on Long Island, now I fear it. Many of the places have either come and gone with disappointing results , the remaining ones serving sub-par que. According to Peter Gianotti of Newsday another que joint is opening in Glen Cove NY called Big Apple BBQ. Here we go again....

Glen Cove: Wild Harvest, Cove Star close

2:04 PM By Peter M. Gianotti

The reaper claimed Wild Harvest on New Year's Day. And Cove Star, the latest occupant of a site that hosted many Asian restaurants, also is shut.

Visitors expecting to find the "rustic American" Wild Harvest still serving its savory country fare now see a banner proclaiming: Coming Soon Big Apple BBQ February 2010." Will advise. Wild Harvest, an offshoot of Oyster Bay's Wild Honey, was a colorful spot, which kept the lodge-like decor of its predecessor, Adirondack Grill. And early on, the joint excelled with southern-accented food.