Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top 50 BBQ Blogs

Guess I better start updating more frequently before I get tossed from the list

Thursday, December 9, 2010

BBQ Cookbook gifts for the holidays

Jim Shahin writes a column for the Washington Post called "Smoke Signals" His latest article he recommends a few BBQ cookbooks for gift ideas. Two out of the three i do have in my collection. They are the Kansas City BBQ Sociey Cookbook and Planet BBQ by Steven Raichlen. A bit overdue but I will eventually get around to full review , eventually.....:) KCBS Cookbook was probably my biggest disapointment. Lots of recipes by really great comp teams but it seemed to me it was trying to hard to be everything but bbq. Steve Raichlens Planet BBQ is a great read but many of the recipes have ingredients that are not local . I am a huge Raichlen fan (I can say that its where I origianlly got hooked into my BBQ obsession, without finding him who knows what I would done on all of those long BBQ weekends instead)it is my least favorite book he has ever released. That being said my recommendation would be Adams Perry Langs Serious BBQ. A great all around book for a beginner to advanced. Many great recipes .