Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lexington BBQ , NC

This past weekend I traveled to Florida to pick up a boat that my father in law was giving us, thanks Pop! I decided on the way back that I would make a few stops. Having seen it on food tv shows over the years, I decided that one of my stops would be Lexington BBQ in North Carolina. The location is referred to as Lexington #1 or as the locals call it, Honey Monks. Not sure why it is called #1 as this is the only location that I have heard of.

After a bit of a search to find a spot to park the truck and trailer , I was finally inside. It an old looking place, rustic very plain but really clean though. You basically seat yourself any where you would like. It was a Monday afternoon and wasn't that busy. Sat down and ordered some good ole sweet tea. The tea was real good and and not as loaded up with sugar as some of the other southern sweet teas I have had. I really didn't look at the menu since I knew I was coming there for the pork. The pork come two ways, coarse chopped and finely chopped. My waitress recommended the coarse chopped, she told me that was the most popular . The platter comes with coleslaw, french fries and hush puppies.

About two minutes after ordering my platter had arrived. The platter had a generous portion of pork that was lightly sauced with a vinegar sauce. The french fries were crinkle cut frozen type. The coleslaw was finely chopped with a vinegar sauce. The hush puppies came in a little boat on the side. A styrofoam cup filled with the same vinegar sauce was also brought out.

The pork was cubed and chunked with some bits of bark. The meat was perfectly cooked, very juicy and tender. The vinegar sauce really complements the meat but does not over power it. You really taste the pork flavor and a nice hint of hickory smoke. The hush puppies were good, I must add that I am not big fan of them to begin with. The were plain and not greasy at all. The coleslaw was a very good, just the right mix of vinegar and spices. I barely touched the crinkle cut fries.

The service is what puts this place over the top. The staff is very friendly and seem very genuine. Every few minutes any one of them, not just the one who took you order, would come by asking you if you wanted a refill or if you wanted more food. After my meal I had the chance to talk briefly with one of the cooks. I told him it was my first time eating there and how much I enjoyed it. He told me " You'll never be the same ever again" he was right.

Overall I would have to rate this as one of the best BBQ meals I have ever had at a restaurant. After this experience I will also admit from now on I will be using vinegar sauce on any pork that I am cooking for myself. Vinegar on pork, the way it ought to be.


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Chris said...

First, I just took a picture of the word verification below because you wouldn't believe how appropriate it is for this post: dinestud

Congrats on the boat, awesome father in law:)

The first bbq I EVER had was vinegar based when I got some pulled pork at my grandparents farm near Elizabethtown, NC. I've been hooked ever since!