Saturday, January 22, 2011

Restaurant Owner Promises to Burn Bills If Jets Win

Restaurant Owner Promises to Burn Bills If Jets Win


When it comes to the Jets and winning this year's Super Bowl, "Smokin" Al Horowitz is putting his money where his mouth is.

"If the Jets win, the barbeque is on us," said the owner of two popular rib joints in Bay Shore and Massapequa Park.

"We will refund all your money."

It's a simple bet: cater your football party with Smokin Al's and if the Jets win the Lombardi trophy in Dallas, the eats are free.

It's a bet Mike Betz, a Jets fan and carpenter from Seaford, was more than willing to take.

"The way the Jets are rolling, he could be in for an expensive Sunday," chuckled Betz, who has ordered $200 worth of ribs and side dishes for a crowd of 20 friends who will watch this Sunday's Jets-Steelers showdown.

"Free food! I mean, who could go wrong?" added Betz.

Smokin Al's expects to cater several hundred football parties over the next few weeks and hopes this "bet" will boost orders. The restaurant has set a five hundred dollar limit for any catering pay-off; still, two more Jets victories could prove costly.

In fact, Horowitz lost thousands after makiing a similar bet on the Giants three years ago. Big Blue, of course, went on to beat New England for the NFL championship.

"What do I get out of it? said Horowitz. "My customers could come to associate Smokin Al's with one of the greatest times- winning the Super Bowl championship."

Jets fans are praying it comes to pass.

"I think this is the year," said Betz, who will also celebrate his daughter's first birthday on Sunday. And, as he strapped on his vintage, leather Jets helmet, the Jets season ticket holder vowed to cater with Smokin Al's again if the Jets get past the Steelers.

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