Saturday, January 1, 2011

BBQ 2011

Happy New Year! Resolutions? I started a few of them about a month or so ago to get a jump start . Gonna add a few I suppose. One of them is deciding what I am doing with this blog. Looking back at 2010 other than relaying some random BBQ news I really didn't produce any quality blogs. Even when I had something to write about I would start a draft and never finish them. Then i would decide it was to late. I have been spending much less time on BBQ forums as of late. Nothing personal to many of my friends out there on them. Just a little bit sick and tired of forum politics as well as friendships that seem to take a backseat to the forums themselves. For most of last year I was contemplating getting out of competition BBQ. Then comes September and I win a little contest and I get bit by the bug, again....

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Anonymous said... this a cult society??? Happy New Year R2BBQ