Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pig versus dinosaur; let the BBQ games begin!

COHOES -- A big pig wearing sunglasses delivers a beatdown. 
The banner that has been up for a while along 787 in Cohoes spells it out: Pig Pit versus dinosaurs, bring it on.
The owner of Pig Pit has been selling barbecue in the Capital Region since 1992.
"So far so good for me and I think Dinosaur's opening is going to make people more aware of barbecue and I actually think my business is going to do better because they opened," said Dave Frazier, the owner of Pig Pit BBQ.
Frazier's barbecue business has been in Schenectady, on Colvin Avenue in Albany, and this is his second place in Cohoes.  He has loyal customers.
"And I was talking to a friend of mine and I told him I'd been to Capital Q's, PJ's, Rubbin' Butts, and he says well, you should stop over at the Pig Pit," said customer Jim Imbody of Schenectady.
In Troy, there were long lines as Dinosaur BBQ held its grand opening.  The restaurant has been getting a lot of press.

But the Pig Pit, with its Texas-style slowly smoked meats, plans to keep serving up.
"Hopefully they come try me.  That's the best I can ask.  Just come in and try my product," said Frazier.
Jim Imbody says he'll keep coming back, especially for the beef brisket.

Fans say when you get a taste for barbecue,  there is no use fighting it.
"You get a craving and it doesn't matter how far away it is," said Imbody.  "I live in Schenectady and here I am in Cohoes, so that tells it all."
Frazier says anything that makes people think about BBQ is going to help his business.

And this pig looks pretty tough to beat.
Dinosaur has four New York locations: Syracuse, Rochester, Harlem and now Troy.

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