Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/25 Westport CT Blues View and BBQ

I am competing this weekend at the Westport CT Blues Views and BBQ contest.  The last 2 years, this contest was a full 2 day sanctioned BBQ contest.  The even organizer, Bob Lerose, decided to change things up a bit this year. This year it is a one day invitational grilling event. Me against 5 other teams. Its a winner takes all. The categories are chicken, ribs, chefs choice and iron chef.  Typically I hate doing chicken but in Westport I  look forward to it. Since my first competition back in March 2006 I have only 2 top 5's in a chicken category, a 1st and a 3rd. Both of these were done in Westport the last 2 events.  As far as ribs go I am hit or miss. With  the last two categories chefs choice and iron chef I have no idea.  I am bringing along some help  for that ;) Typically at regular BBQ contests these are extra categories of which I rarely participate in.  If you are in the Westport CT area on Saturday come on by and say hi. We will be in the parking lot behind the library located at 20 jesup rd. There will be cooking demos, a backyard bbq contest, a kids que, great music and more

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Scott Goodwin said...

What did you make for Chef's Choice? My friend, Gregg, and I (Psycho Grillers) competed in the Amateur/Backyard group. We noticed that you and some of your peers in the pro category scored a full 10+ points higher than us amateurs. congratulations!