Monday, March 8, 2010

20 Sizzling US Barbecue Blogs

UK site that listed US bbq blogs, Number 20  is a good one ;)

We had some excellent feedback on last week’s post ‘37 Great Gardening Blogs‘, so we’ve decided to put together another collection, this time with a more specific theme – barbecues.
Those long summer nights might seem a long way away right now, but there’s no harm in getting a few pointers in advance from the people in the know.
Here’s a list of 20 brilliant barbecue blogs from the US:
1. Patio Daddio BBQ – Musings of barbecue, cooking and life – served hot, fresh and saucy by John Dawson, an active member of the Kansas City Barbeque Society.
2. All Things Barbecue – Rod & Sheri Gray began competing in BBQ competitions back in 2001 They cater, teach, and promote barbeque as America’s cuisine and this is their amazing blog.
3. BBQ Blog – Learn about anything and everything to do with barbecues from the ‘BBQ Guy’ himself, Brian Pearcy; writer of more than 725 articles about bbq cooking and winner of numerous awards for his famous spice rubs.
4. Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Blog – The online journal of a two-person competition BBQ team from Diamond Bar, California. A great blog about people who really love barbecue.
5. I QUE – Stories about experimental cooking and another blogger who hits the BBQ competition trail.
6. Nibble Me This – Blogger Chris admits that he’s had no culinary training at all. He just loves to barbecue! This fantastic blog is jam-packed with all kinds of clever tips and delicious recipes.
7. Full Custom Gospel BBQ – A blog dedicated to praising those that have mastered the art of barbecue, visiting and reviewing restaurants throughout Texas. You’ll also find some useful tips about what makes good BBQ.
8. Fat Johnny’s Front Porch – Blogger Johnny invites you to ‘pull up a chair and sit yerself in the shade fer a spell’ as he tells you about his life in Topeka, Kansas, which involves grilling all kinds of delicious food over charcoals.
9. Carolina Sauce Company – The Carolina Sauce Company wants to put an end to boring food by offering the best zesty, full-flavored and fiery barbecue sauces from North Carolina. This is their blog all about their authentic sauces.
10. Q Haven BBQ Blog – Ted Lorson’s stories from the world of competition BBQ. A superb blog from a dedicated barbecue enthusiast.
11. LiveFire – Food explored in areas of traditional barbecuing and grilling. An inventive BBQ blog with lots of stunning photography on show.
12. BigMista’s BBQ Blog – Keep up to date with the goings on of barbecue vendors and husband-and-wife team, Neil and Phyllis Strawder. There’s some great stories to read about and even the odd bit of advice shared.
13. You Gonna Eat That? – Professor Salt, who is part of the ‘Four Q’ Barbecue team, shares his thoughts on food and all things barbecue.
14. Soul Fusion Kitchen – Recipes, cooking tips and much more from barbecue enthusiast Sylvie. Some really good stuff on this blog and definitely worth a read.
15. Only BBQ Ribs – A blog dedicated entirely to reviewing BBQ restaurants on their pork spare ribs. If you’re thinking of grilling your own, you’ll pick up some valuable pointers on this useful little blog.
16. Sizzle on the Grill – Barbecue expert CB shares his wealth of grilling knowledge with the world and if you’ve got a specific question, you can even ask  him directly. A brilliant blog and an excellent read.
17. Don O.’s Texas BBQ Blog – Don loves barbecue and always wanted to spend some vacation time sampling the best BBQ joints in Texas. A few years ago, he (along with his friend Scott) started doing just that and have been doing it every year since. This blog shares the stories behind their “Calories and Cholesterol Tours”.
18. Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ – Texas is the home of great barbecue and the author of this excellent blog covers the whole state, sharing all kinds of BBQ related tales.
19. Barbecue Grills Plus – The goal of this superb blog, authored by Oregon-based Thom Richards, is to discover and pass on really simple BBQ recipes.
20. BBQ Illuminati – A humorous take on the world of competition barbecue from cooking team ‘R2-BQ’.

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