Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Jack and the future

The Jack was awesome. We had a great time. My finish sucked (66th overall out of 81) Everything went smooth and all the food was cooked to my liking.

It was a great year for me in BBQ. My son and I went out to Kansas to compete at the GAB. We finally got a call at New Holland in August. In September I received my first ever 1st place call in chicken at Westport. Finishing off the year competing at the Jack was priceless. Not sure what the future holds. I have said it before that I am done with comp BBQ on my own. I might help out some other teams here ans there . The only contest that I plan on doing in 2010 for now is the New Holland Summerfest in PA late August.

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Anonymous said...

Hi.. I bought two of your shirts at the contest.. After reading that you tanked and now are quitting, I'd like a refund. I'd much rather have a shirt from a team who knows how to cook or still cometes.

Good luck finding a team to cook with after such a miserable showing.