Thursday, October 8, 2009


In one of my moods lately about comp BBQ. Just don't feel like doing it any more. After a long battle with chicken I finally nailed a first place at my last contest in Westport CT. Was excited for a bit but it wore off quick. I canceled my trip out west to do the American Royal Invitational last week . I thought all weekend I would be regretting my decision,I didn't miss it at all. I am Hitting the road in a less than two weeks to go and compete at the Jack Daniels Invitational In Lynchburg TN. I am very excited about going there and look forward to the road trip and spending some quality time with my son Steven. I do still enjoy the camaraderie of the events, I just dread doing the same 4 categories over and over. As of right now the only contest that I intend on cooking next year is New Holland PA in August. Other than that I hope to hook up with some other teams next year and just do some pit beotching.

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pfft... quitter !!!