Friday, September 4, 2009

BBQ's most wanted

Owner of CJ's BBQ on Florida's most wanted fugitive list

A popular BBQ restaurant is shut down after the owner turns up on Florida's most wanted fugitive list. Many customers arrived at CJ's BBQ on Sahara & Buffalo only to be turned away because the restaurant is closed.

The closing comes as nearly a dozen employees are worried they won't get paid. Workers learned the owner of the restaurant has an extensive criminal record.

"Now we're getting the runaround about getting paid, the place was shut down that night we found out," explained Ashley Spooner, CJ's BBQ General Manager.

Turns out, the owner who called himself Tom White isn't Tom White at all.

"He came in here and represented himself as some other person, is that correct," asked Action News reporter Tiffani Sargent.

"Yes, he ran this place under an alias along with other places that were in town and he's got two chefs that are stranded on the East coast with no way home," said Ashley.

We also found him identified as Thomas O' Donnell on Florida's most wanted fugitives list. He has two former felony convictions in Florida for contracting without a license.

Nearly a dozen employees are owed thousands of dollars and many can't even collect unemployment because they were just recently hired.

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Chris said...

It's a shame con men keep getting by on the hardworking folks like this. They are the ones that pay the price.