Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oklahoma Joe's World Brisket Open

Another high lite of my trip to the GAB was the opportunity of judging the Oklahoma Joe's World Brisket Open. The contest consist of 2 rounds. Teams can enter as many briskets as they like (@ $100 a piece) The team has to cook an entire packer brisket (flat & point) which is tagged by an official. The cooks submit slices only in a box with no garnish. Tin foil can be used under the slices or to wrap them . In the first round 87 entries were submitted and judged. After the 1st round of judging is over , the top ten highest scoring entries move on to the 2nd round. The 10 teams then get notified and they have to submit an additional entry to be judges from the exact same brisket that made it to the top ten. Basically the team has to hold the same brisket for 2 hours after the first entry and make sure it doesn't dry out to be judged again. I judged the 2nd round, the finals, the 10 best briskets. I was really looking forward to it, as a judge you taste good and bad food but now I had the opportunity to judge the best. I will admit this, two of the entries were outstanding , 7 of them were good and one of them was doused with so much Worcestershire sauce that it made me cringe as I ate it. Overall it was a great experience and was glad I was a part of it.

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